What a rough time for the stock market, Yikes! I generally don't pay much attention to the stock market; I mean one doesn't have to worry when one doesn't have a whole lotta stock right? But I'm starting to get worried, for real. It's belt-tightening time folks! I discovered a great way to cut food costs:


Freegans are those who have decided not to be consumers anymore, or at least as little as possible. The most startling thing about them is that they eat food that others have not. Yup, they are dumpster divers, oops I mean they practice "waste reclamation". By choice no less. They are freegans by choice, not like your typical homeless person. Many of them have incomes well into six figures!

Here are some freegans in action. They look happy don't they?

Look at those big smiles!

Regular consumers drive cars too, so they avoid that as much as possible.

For more information and to find out how to get started, click here.



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