'Tis the season to....... go to Holiday Parties! and these gowns will make you a sensation! Beautiful flowing skirts with evening gloves, stockings and panties included, you'll be the envy of all your friends! On sale now for 300L until the first of the year, so get them while they are marked down!

On sale now at ~Le~ Fashions

You can also see these and my other items on Xstreet

I've been in a sweater mood lately and wanted to create something that my hubby and I could both wear :) These sweaters in a cozy brown knit are the result! They come with two sizes of collars and cuffs for an easier fit for anyone.

On sale now for 50L!

All ~Le~ Fashions items are copy/mod, but they are sold in a transferable box for gifting.

On sale now at ~Le~ Fashions for 50L!

You can also see these and my other items on Xstreet

We got our first "real" snow today in Ohio, by real I mean it's sticking to the ground. Brrrr .... so winter is really here, and time to bundle up! These sweaters are perfect for that. They are made with a warm and cozy cable knit with a snuggly collar and comes with mittens included! (Just a note to those not in the know: mittens will fit better if you can make your hands size 0)

Check out these beautiful colors too!

Christmassy Green

Rich Red

Deep Purple

Basic Black

On sale now at ~Le~ Fashions for 50L!

You can also see these and my other items on Xstreet

Sparkly and Elegant, this gown is ideal for that special Christmas event. The skirt flows beautifully, and the package comes with bonus sparkly panties :)) It's on sale now at ~Le~ Fashions for 300L!

There's a real cute collection of Argyle Sweaters at ~Le~ Fashions , a must for every wardrobe! There's a grand opening going on and everything is half price. Make sure to check out the Christmas Special in the lucky chair, and you don't feel like waiting, it's on sale for 50L inside the store!

Check out these sweaters, on sale for 50L:

Oh yes, and a Giraffe Sweater too!

I know it's been a long time since this blog was updated, but what can I say?? I was busy :P But! Big News! I opened a store! Yes! It's called ~Le~ Fashions and has boutique-style clothing and will have some dressy stuff too. Right now I'm having a 50% off sale until the first of the year. There's a lucky chair and a beautiful park-like setting to hang out in. There's even a couple of dances! This is my Christmas Special that is in the lucky chair, or if you don't want to wait, it's on sale in the store for 50L!

Come check it out!