I know it's hard to do w/ like 2 ft of snow outside the door (if your area has been hit by storms like mine, LOL), but these dresses may add some warmer weather thoughts.

New at ~Le~ Fashions, spring has arrived!  These super cute spring dresses come in four prints and will have you ready for warmer weather in style.  The skirt comes in 3 tiers and flows beautifully around those tanned legs.

Note:  All items at ~Le~ Fashions are copy, mod, but the BOX is transfer, which means you can gift all items at the store.  Just make sure you don't rez the box and it will remain transferable.  Please contact Eleanor Balbozar with any questions about this.

Also, we've moved!  Please make note of the new LM and replace the old one if you have it.

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